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Olympia Neighborhoods

Olympia, WA Neighborhoods

Many neighborhoods in Olympia are easily defined, as they cover a specific geographic area bounded by a body of water or major thoroughfare, such as Steamboat Island or Cooper Point.  Many other neighborhoods are simply larger developments with corresponding signage at their entrances and very distinct street boundaries such as Briggs Village and Indian Summer.

We’ve also attempted to give you some more general community options, since many homes buyers in Olympia aren’t searching for a specific neighborhood name.  Instead, they are searching for a home in proximity to a local landmark such as Eld Inlet, West Bay Drive, or Ward Lake.  While we have over 60 community choices available, there are certainly more ways that Olympia residents define their communities and neighborhoods.  Any suggestions you have to make this list more comprehensive will happily be taken into consideration.

Cities Near Olympia

Neighborhoods & Communities in the Olympia Area




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